Selected Resources

New York State Department of Health Quality of Care Programs

“The AIDS Institute is committed to promoting, monitoring, and supporting the quality of HIV clinical services for people with HIV in New York State. The Office of the Medical Director coordinates quality improvement activities including the development of clinical performance measures derived from practice guidelines, on-site quality of care reviews, as well as the promotion of quality improvement activities, peer learning opportunities for HIV providers, and consultations to support on-site quality improvement efforts. The ultimate objective for each HIV program in New York State remains the development of a sustainable independent quality management program that reflects the capacity to dynamically analyze and continuously improve HIV treatment, care, and supportive services.

The Office of the Medical Director coordinates the participation of several groups of stakeholders to accomplish these tasks including:  (1) an internal Quality of Care Workgroup based at the AIDS Institute, responsible for implementation and refinement of the program within the New York State Department of Health AIDS Institute; (2) the AIDS Institute’s Medical Care Criteria Committee chaired by Dr. Judith Aberg, responsible for clinical guidelines development; (3) the HIV Quality of Care Clinical Advisory Committee chaired by Dr. Peter Gordon, comprised of expert HIV providers who advise on the development, implementation, and refinement of the Quality of Care Program; (4) the New York City Part A Quality Management Program Advisory Committee; and (5) the AIDS Institute’s Consumer HIV Quality Committees. The AIDS Institute solicits feedback through these committees in planning, implementing, and evaluating quality of care program activities.  The interaction of providers and consumers with the AIDS Institute through these various groups allows New York State to remain responsive to the needs of the communities that it serves, while responding to changes in clinical and scientific knowledge.” 
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eHIVQUAL is an online HIV performance measurement tool for HIV providers that allows them enter data on their patients on a variety of quality  indicators and track performance results in order to identify areas for improvement.  eHIVQUAL provides users with a number of reports to highlight and diagnose their data. 
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Health Data NY

As part of New York State’s commitment to transparency of data, the finalized eHIVQUAL performance data report from HIV ambulatory care programs is available online. 
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NY Links

“NY Links focuses on improving linkage to care and retention in care and supports the delivery of routine, timely, and effective care for Persons living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHA) in New York State. We also bridge systemic gaps between HIV related services in order to achieve better outcomes for PLWHA through improving systems for monitoring, recording, and accessing information about HIV care in NYS. We use a regional approach, utilizing the learning collaborative model, to fortify the links holding together communities of practice, and the links grounding them in the communities of consumers they serve. New York Links was created through a HRSA HIV/AIDS Bureau (HAB)-sponsored Special Projects of National Significance (SPNS).  Since September of 2015 it is under the Governor’s Ending the Epidemic Initiative through the NYSDOH AIDS Institute.”
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National Quality Center

“The aim of this initiative is to build the capacity to improve the quality of HIV/AIDS care and services across the United States and its territories. NQC provides support and assistance that enable grantees to respond to and to implement quality management legislative mandates. Think of the National Quality Center as a personal quality improvement expert, a hands-on assistant that will help advance quality management programs, provide access to a central repository of key quality improvement resources, and help connect HIV providers across the country. NQC can give the support needed to improve the care and services provided to individuals with HIV/AIDS.”
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HealthQual International 

“HEALTHQUAL International is a capacity building initiative to facilitate sustainable national and clinic-based quality management programs with the goal of enhanced patient outcomes and improved population health in low- and middle-income countries. The HEALTHQUAL framework consists of three main elements: Performance measurement, quality improvement, quality management program. HEALTHQUAL offers a unique public health, peer-to-peer government-led approach to quality management (QM). Our experienced staff focuses technical assistance and support through partnerships with Ministries of Health to implement and reinforce health care systems to build sustainable national QM programs.”
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