Healthcare Stories Project



Welcome to the Healthcare Stories Project, a series of healthcare improvement strategies that capture and learn from health user experiences.

The Healthcare Stories Project offers healthcare programs tools to capture how healthcare users experience their healthcare services. This three-activity campaign also aims to strengthen user participation in processes of care, and in doing so, improve the quality of care provided.

This quality of care campaign kicked off in Spring 2014 and is ongoing throughout New York State. This project consists of three activities, each with a poster and instructional guide (see below). 

Implement any of the activities that may be useful for your agency. They do not have to be done in order to be effective tools—each one captures patient experience from a different angle.

To join the Healthcare Stories Project, sign up here for the Program Management Tool, an interactive platform that connects a community of healthcare agencies, provides materials, and keeps up to date on the latest news about the project.

Participating agencies say that the Healthcare Stories Project:

  • Offers a creative, fun project that motivates staff.
  • Engages healthcare users in QI.
  • Generates helpful, clinic-specific information.
  • Provides organizational benefits beyond an HIV program.

For more information or to receive assistance, please contact:

Daniel Tietz
AIDS Program Manager for Consumer Affairs
New York State Department of Health AIDS Institute
Albany, New York
Phone: 1-518-473-7542
Fax: 1-518-486-1315


Activity 1: Word Cloud


What Words Would You Use? 

Patients share the words and stories they associate with ‘quality of care’. The words are visually displayed to create a word cloud to be shared and discussed with everyone in the clinic.


Activity 3: The Co-Production of Quality



Patients and providers examine how each play a role in the production of service delivery and quality of care at their clinic.