About DEBIs

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Intervention Referral List

Please check back later for a regularly-updated referral list of DEBIs/EBIs currently offered by programs in New York State.

About DEBIs

The Diffusion of Effective Behavioral Interventions (DEBIs) project was designed to bring science-based, community, group, and individual-level HIV prevention interventions to community-based service providers and state and local health departments. The goal is to enhance the capacity to implement effective interventions at the state and local levels, to reduce the spread of HIV and STDs, and to promote healthy behaviors. Under the guidance of CDC DHAP, the Center on AIDS & Community Health (COACH) at the Academy for Educational Development (AED) coordinates training on a variety of science-based, effective interventions for HIV prevention. Staff of CDC DHAP Capacity Building Branch, STD/HIV Prevention Training Centers, AED, health departments, and Capacity Building Assistance providers offer training and TA for the interventions.