Roberto B Corales, DO

Posted November 2011

Roberto Corales serves as the Chief Medical Officer and Vice President of AIDS Care in Rochester, NY, and he has been working with HIV patients in that community for over ten years. Dr. Corales received his medical training at Michigan State University, completed his residency at Beth Israel Hospital in New York City, followed by an Infectious Disease fellowship at the Cleveland Clinic. He has been consistently involved with clinical research and has been the principal investigator of the AIDS Clinical Trials Group Unit at the University of Rochester.

Dr. Corales has been a leader in addressing the complex needs of his patients and in ensuring that AIDS Care provides a comprehensive center for HIV treatment. He has integrated supportive and clinical services as a treatment home model. His efforts have resulted in publications on a variety of HIV-related topics, and his system-based approach has created a clinic that is consistently responsive to the evolving needs of Rochester patients.

Dr. Corales actively participates in the NYS Quality of Care Advisory Committee, and has implemented multiple improvement activities at AIDS Care. He has recently worked to improve the preventive aspects of clinical practice as an important focus in HIV care. His work combines a public health approach with a commitment to the individual patient.

In addition to medicine, Dr. Corales also trained as a choreographer and dancer, reflecting the creative and innovative approach he brings to his patients. These qualities represent a practitioner who embodies the tradition of clinical excellence recognized by the Linda Laubenstein award.

2011 Linda Laubenstein Award Recipient Roberto Corales

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