hivguidelines and Medscape

Updated March 2014

Every few months Medscape features a New York State Department of Health AIDS Institute guideline along with commentary written by clinicians who work with the HIV Clinical Guidelines Program.

The most recent featured guideline is HIV Prophylaxis for Victims of Sexual Assault with commentary written by Dr Cynthia H Miller.

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Other hivguidelines posted on Medscape include the following:

October 2013
HIV Prophylaxis Following Non-Occupational Exposure
(with commentary written by Dr Samuel T Merrick)

June 2013
Mental Health Screening: A Quick Reference Guide for HIV Primary Care Clinicians
(with commentary written by Dr Francine Cournos)

January 2013
HIV Prophylaxis Following Occupational Exposure
(with commentary written by Dr Barry S Zingman)

October 2012
Kidney Disease in HIV-Infected Patients
(with commentary written by Dr Jessica E Justman)

June 2012
Human Immunodeficiency Virus Type 2 (HIV-2)
(with commentary written by Dr John G Bartlett)

April 2012
Care of the HIV-Infected Transgender Patient
(with commentary written by Dr L Jeannine Bookhardt-Murray)

December 2011
Prevention with Positives: Integrating HIV Prevention into HIV Primary Care
(with commentary written by Dr Barbara Chaffee)

August 2011
Transitioning HIV-Infected Adolescents into Adult Care
(with commentary written by Drs Jacob Abadi and Michael G Rosenberg)

April 2011
Screening and Ongoing Assessment for Substance Use
(with commentary written by Dr Barbara Chaffee)

January 2011
Hepatitis C Virus
(with commentary written by Dr Douglas G Fish)

September 2010
Preconception Care for HIV-Infected Women
(with commentary written by Dr Mary Jo Fink)

August 2010
Disclosure of HIV to Perinatally Infected Children and Adolescents
(with commentary written by Dr Geoffrey Weinberg)

July 2010
Diagnosis and Management of Acute HIV Infection
(with commentary written by Dr Barry Zingman)