Rating Scheme for Recommendations

Updated August 2012

Recommendations in the New York State Department of Health AIDS Institute guidelines are assigned an evidence-based rating and use the rating scheme developed by the DHHS.

Basis for Recommendations

Recommendations in these guidelines are based upon scientific evidence and expert opinion. Each recommended statement is rated with a letter of A, B, or C that represents the strength of the recommendation and with a numeral I, II, or III, according to the quality of the evidence.

Rating Scheme for Recommendations
Strength of Recommendation Quality of Evidence for Recommendation
A:Strong recommendation for the statement.B:Moderate recommendation for the statement.C: Optional recommendation. I:One or more randomized trials with clinical outcomes and/or validated laboratory endpoints.II:One or more well designed, nonrandomized trials or observational cohort studies with long-term clinical outcomes.III: Expert opinion.


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