HIV and Substance Use

Substance Use Screening: A Quick Reference Guide for HIV Primary Care Clinicians
Posted: February 2009
What Are These Drugs?
Updated: March 2009
Screening and Ongoing Assessment for Substance Use
Updated: November 2007
Working With the Active User
Updated: October 2006
Substance Use Treatment Modalities for HIV-Infected Substance Users
Posted: January 2008
Clinical Management of Alcohol Use and Abuse in HIV-Infected Patients
Posted: April 2008
Smoking Cessation in HIV-Infected Patients
Updated: February 2008
Aspects of Primary Care for the HIV-Infected Substance User
Updated: July 2010
Adherence to Antiretroviral Therapy Among Substance Users
Updated: June 2005
Drug-Drug Interactions Between ARV Agents, Medications Used in Substance Use Treatment, and Recreational Drugs
Updated: March 2008
Pain in the HIV-Infected Substance User
Updated: August 2005
Mental Health Disorders Among Substance-Using HIV-Infected Patients
Posted: March 2008
Medical Care of HIV-Infected Substance-Using Women
Updated: February 2009
Care of the Hospitalized HIV-Infected Substance User
Posted: March 2009
Substance Use and Dependence Among HIV-Infected Adolescents and Young Adults
Posted: February 2009
Appendix I: Criteria for Substance Dependence
Updated: January 2008
Appendix II: Common Screening Tools for Identifying Substance and Alcohol Problems
Updated: November 2007
Appendix III: The Fagerstrom Test for Nicotine Dependence
Updated: February 2008
Appendix IV: Organizations Providing Co-Located HIV Care Within Drug Treatment Facilities
Updated: May 2015
Appendix V: AIDS Institute-Funded Harm-Reduction Programs
Posted: January 2009
Appendix VI: Guidance on the Use of Buprenorphine in HIV-Infected Patients
Posted: February 2009
Appendix VII: Antiretroviral Therapy: Hepatic Impairment Dosing
Appendix VIII: Drugs Used for Smoking Cessation
Updated: July 2009
Appendix IX: New York State Linkage, Retention and Treatment Adherence Services Contact Information
Updated: October 2014
Appendix X: Advantages and Disadvantages of Adherence Measures
Updated: June 2005
Appendix XI: Opioid Medication Interactions
Updated: December 2011
Appendix XII: Drug Interactions Between ARV Agents and Recreational Drugs
Updated: February 2009
Appendix XIII: Interactions Between HIV-Related Medications and Psychotropic Medications
Updated: April 2010
Appendix XIV: Identification and Management of Withdrawal Symptoms
Posted: March 2009
Contributors to the Guidelines
Updated: March 2013