UPDATE: Primary Care Approach to the HIV-Infected Patient
Updated: November 2014
Diagnostic, Monitoring, and Resistance Laboratory Tests for HIV
Updated: February 2011; section updates January 2014
Diagnosis and Management of Acute HIV Infection
Updated: January 2010 -- Currently Under Revision
Antiretroviral Therapy
Updated: January 2014
New Antiretroviral Drugs
Updated: September 2013
Human Immunodeficiency Virus Type 2 (HIV-2)
Posted: April 2012
Immune Reconstitution Inflammatory Syndrome (IRIS) in HIV-Infected Patients
Posted: August 2009 -- Currently Under Revision
Long-Term Complications of Antiretroviral Therapy
Updated: This guideline is currently being updated.
HIV Drug-Drug Interactions
Updated: April 2010
UPDATE: HIV Prophylaxis Following Occupational Exposure
Updated: October 2014
UPDATE: HIV Prophylaxis Following Non-Occupational Exposure
Updated: October 2014
UPDATE: HIV Prophylaxis for Victims of Sexual Assault
Updated: October 2014
Management of STIs in HIV-Infected Patients
Anal Dysplasia and Cancer
Updated: July 2007 -- Currently Under Revision
Cervical Dysplasia and Cancer
Updated: February 2007 — Currently Under Revision
Hepatitis A Virus
Updated: July 2007 -- Currently Under Revision
Hepatitis B Virus
Updated: August 2013
Hepatitis C Virus
Updated: May 2010 -- Currently under revision. Treatment information in this chapter is outdated. Please check back for updates.
Kidney Disease in HIV-Infected Patients
Posted: September 2012
Mycobacterial Infections
Updated: September 2006 -- Currently Under Revision
Perioperative Management of HIV-Infected Patients
Posted: January 2012
General Nutrition, Weight Loss, And Wasting Syndrome
Updated: March 2004 -- Currently Under Revision
Gastrointestinal Complications of HIV
Updated: October 2006 -- Currently, there is no plan to update this guideline. It remains active on the website for historical purposes only
Oral Health Complications In The HIV-Infected Patient
Updated: March 2001 -- Currently Under Revision
Neurologic Complications of HIV Infection
Updated: March 2004
Ophthalmologic Complications of HIV Infection
Updated: January 2004 -- Currently Under Revision
Smoking Cessation in HIV-Infected Patients
Updated: February 2008
Contributors to the Guidelines
Updated: July 2014